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In this guide, we will show you how to build a website with WordPress platform in detail. With our step-by-step tutorials, actually you can build a website without coding skills or hiring any programmer. Okay, let’s go! There are 3 steps below you will need to learn:

Step 1: What WordPress platform is and why you should choose it.
Step 2: How to choose a good domain name and web hosting service for new website.
Step 3: Install your WordPress website.

Step 1:
Why build a website with WordPress?

About WordPress platform

What is WordPress? It’s completely free open-source content management system (CMS) which is based on PHP programming language and MySQL – an open-source relational database management system.

WordPress was a system for blogging only, however it has evolved to be a complete content management system, today there are thousands of useful plugins, widgets and elegant themes made for it.

Why you should choose WordPress to build a website

Simply because it’s Wonderful! There are too many features, but these ones below are the most popular reasons people love WordPress:

  1. First, it’s completely Free!
    WordPress does not charge you a penny to download.
  2. Many themes, plugins and widgets to choose from.
    WordPress has the largest community who have been creating useful plugins, widgets and beautiful themes day by day.
  3. It’s actually newbie-friendly.
    WordPress is really easy to use, even the beginners. From WordPress installation to creating new pages or posts, all things are designed for people to use very easily and quickly.
  4. Simple blog or complex online shop? No problem!
    Yes, WordPress can do almost everything, from small simple site to big complex business one. In fact, there are many well-known companies build their websites based on WordPress platform, such as eBay, Mozilla, CNN, etc.
  5. Help you build a website looks great on all devices.
    With advanced WordPress theme installed, your website will be fully responsive, it displays very well on all devices, from big screens of desktop and laptop to small screens of tablet and smartphone.
  6. Very large support community.
    If you have a question, you will easily find out a helpful answer from this big community. You can indeed learn WordPress from A to Z using thousands of free useful tutorials on the Internet.

Step 2:
About domain name and web hosting

What are domain name and web hosting?

To build a website that is online for people to visit, you need 2 things below:

  1. Domain Name.
    It’s an address for people to type on browser when they want to visit your website, such as,,,, etc. You can choose any domain which is not registered before by other. We will show you how to make a good choice for your domain below, continue reading!
  2. Web Hosting.
    Imagine that you wish to build a house, you must have the ground to place your house on. Similarly, to build a website, you will need a place to contain the web files and database, in this case it is web hosting. Domain is address, and web hosting is place for “house of website” to locate on.

The WordPress is totally Free, but domain name and hosting service cost you about $3.00 – $5.00 per month. It is very cheap to build a website with domain looks much more professional than the one with free domain like this:

Besides, if you wish to build a website with the name: yourwebsite as a brand name, the domain: is shorter and easier to remember than

Owning a domain, you will also have email address(es) like:, again it looks more professional than free email address such as:

Moreover, owning your own hosting will help the website load much faster than free one, this is important, no one is happy to wait!

Where to get domain name and web hosting?

Build a Website - Hosting for WordPress

There are many hosting services really good, but if we must choose one of them as the best to build a website using WordPress platform, we will recommend you should use Blue Host.

They give you a Free domain lifetime, no need to worry about renewing domain annually. Especially, you can install WordPress platform in just 1-Click, very easy for beginners. They also have a very good 24/7 support service via chat box, very quickly.

If you have already had a domain name and hosting to build a website, please go to STEP 3, we’ll show you how to setup a WordPress site step-by-step.

How to pick a good domain name for your website

People often choose domains that end with .com, .net, .info or .org to build a website, and we recommend you should pick like them, especially .com, because it has become the most popular one in the world of webs. If customers would like to visit your company website but they don’t know what web address is, most of them will try to access

From the example above, our advice is that you should choose the domain name that matches your company name such as

In case you are going to build a website personal like blog, your domain name can be

Besides, there are some useful tips below to make a good choice for your domain:

  • Easy-to-type domain.
    Don’t use slang such as u instead of you, it’s difficult for people to find your domain.
  • Keep your domain short.
    If it’s too long, the visitors may forget your domain name and type it wrong in the browser. Keep it simple and short!
  • Include keywords.
    Include keywords that your website is about or describe the services you provide. For example, if you build a website which is about Online Marketing, your domain should be or
  • Include an area such as a country or city.
    In case you build a website to provide services or products that are featured at a country or city, you should add a country or city to your domain. For example, you have a shop of Roses from Bulgaria, where is very well-known with beautiful roses, you may choose domain
  • Don’t use hyphens or numbers.
    For example, when you tell the customers your website address includes a number 9, they don’t know if it is 9 or nine. About domain with hyphens, it becomes more complex and customers may forget or misplace the hyphens in your domain name when they type it in browsers.
  • Make it memorable.
    At present there are millions of active domains, so making your own domain name memorable and catchy is really important. Once you have a good idea for new domain name, try to share it with family or close friends to ensure it’s clear, punchy and appealing.
  • Avoid trademarked or copyrighted names.
    Never pick the trademarked or copyrighted names to build a website, because you may face a big problem of legal in future.
  • Protect your brand name.
    Once you have a good idea for new brand, do not tell it to anybody you meet until you register that name as a real domain. We also recommend you should protect your brand by purchasing the same names with different domain extensions such as,,, etc.
  • Don’t wait!
    Actually the domains are so cheap and easy to register, so you should not wait, or the other may get it before you. Have a good name? Get it now at this professional domain registrar!

Step 3:
Setup a WordPress website

How to Install WordPress platform

If you purchase hosting service at Blue Host, you will get WordPress installed much more easily with free 1-Click Installation.

In contrast, with bad hosting providers you will need to install WordPress platform normally. Don’t worry, anyway we’ll show you how to do it below!

  1. WordPress 1-Click Installation.
    Okay, we go with the following simple steps:

    • Login to your hosting control panel.
    • Find and click on Install WordPress icon.
    • Here you’ll see Install button, click on it to continue.
    • Select domain you wish to install WordPress platform, then press Check Domain button.
    • Remember to check I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2, then press Install Now button to start installing WordPress.
    • Wait a moment! Then you should get WordPress installed successfully.
  2. Install WordPress platform normally (when 1-Click Installation is not available).
    It should take you more time to do using normal way. Okay, now we go with the steps below:

    • Go to here to download WordPress platform.
    • Unzip it to have directory wordpress at your computer.
    • Find wp-config-sample.php file in folder wordpress and rename it to wp-config.php.
    • Use Notepad to open file wp-config.php, then fill the code lines below:
      1. define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’); – Database name (if the database has not been created yet, go to your hosting account and create one, then copy/paste the database name here. You may ask for support from your hosting provider).
      2. define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’); – Username of your hosting account.
      3. define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’); – Password of your hosting account.

      Remember to save the file.

    • Use FTP client software such as free FileZilla to connect to your FTP account:
      1. Host is often
      2. At Protocol, select FTP – File Transfer Protocol.
      3. At Encryption, select Only use plain FTP (insecure).
      4. At Logon Type, select Normal.
      5. Username and Password are the same hosting account.

      Click Connect button to continue.

    • Select all files in wordpress folder at computer to upload to the directory on server, where you wish to install WordPress.
    • Once it completes, open a browser and access this address:

      Here you will need to choose a language. Then click Continue button and you should see this page:

      Build a Website - Install WordPress

      Now fill out the forms and press Install WordPress button. You have already finished!

To build a website you want, you may need a suitable theme

After you successfully install WordPress platform, your website may look like this:

Build a Website - Free WordPress Theme

This is free simple default WordPress theme installed. To build a website you actually want, of course you may need a more powerful and advanced theme. Our advice is that you should purchase a premium WordPress theme once you wish to build a website of your dream, it will be a smart long-term investment.

There are many paid premium WordPress themes to build a website you wish in our collection here:

Need a recommendation from us? Strongly you should choose the best-seller Dior theme.

Dior theme is the smartest choice for you to build a website of your dream today because it can help you create almost all types of websites, from business to personal blog, from restaurant to online fashion stores, creative portfolio or health care, anything with unlimited options of layouts, colors and other effects. Indeed, Dior is advanced multi-purpose responsive WordPress theme, one theme for unlimited concepts!

Especially, you can build a website completed around 5-10 minutes, using modern 1-Click Demo Content Importer integrated in the theme. Check out some beautiful demos below. Remember these are pre-made layouts, and you can always add more elements, remove some or edit the layouts and color schemes to suit your needs.

Build a Website - Multi Concept WordPress Theme

How to install WordPress theme

We have already created a full tutorial about how to install WordPress theme here, including illustrations, so it’s a very helpful step-by-step guide for beginners.

In this post, we show you quick steps to install a theme:

  • Once you are in admin panel, visit Appearance > Themes.
  • Then click on the Add New button.
  • (In case you wish to install a free theme displaying in current page, just click Install button at the theme you choose, then Activate the theme and you have done! Ignore the steps below.)
  • Now simply click on Upload Theme link on the top of page.
  • Then click the Choose File button, select the ZIP file of your theme from your computer, and then click the Install Now button.
  • Wait for WordPress to upload the theme. Once it has been done, you will need to click on Activate link to complete theme installation.

Are current posts, pages, media and other contents deleted if you change themes? No, absolutely changing the themes does not affect your data, don’t worry!

To build a website completed, you need content now

As you know, to build a website completed you will need to add pages (and posts, if you want to write blog posts), so now we show you how to do it.

To add new page, simply go to Pages > Add New. Here you type a title of page, add content including text, images,… in the text area, then click Publish button to save the page.

Build a Website - Add New Page in WordPress

In case you use premium WordPress theme, it will provide you more advanced options and powerful tools to build complex pages much more easily, including beautiful effects, web elements and other features that you cannot find in free themes.

Build a Website - Advanced Page Editor in Premium WP Theme

If you would like to write blog posts, here is how to create a new post. To add new post, go to Posts > Add New. Here you type a title of post, add content including text, images,… in the text area, then click Publish button to save the post. Looks like adding new page? Yes, but there is a small difference! On the right column, you can add Categories and Tags for post, but not for page.

Build a Website - Add New Post in WordPress

Once you have pages or posts, now you may need to create a menu with pages, posts, categories or custom links. To create a menu, go to Appearance > Menus. Here type a name and press Create Menu button. After that, find the page you want to add to menu and tick the checkbox next to it, then click Add to Menu button. Do the same steps for adding posts, categories and custom links to menu. Remember to tick the checkbox at Theme locations. Finally, click Save button.

Build a Website - Create New Menu in WordPress

By default, home page of WordPress website will display latest blog posts, so you may need to change it to static page. To set up a static home page, visit Settings > Reading. Here select A static page, now pick a page for home page at Front page, you may also want to assign a page for displaying blog posts at Posts page. Remember to Save Changes!

Build a Website - Set up Front Page in WordPress

Now we show you how to edit the sidebar with widgets. Most of themes allow you to add sidebar to the right, left or both sides of page or post. Go to Appearance > Widgets, here you can drag and drop to move the widgets to the sidebar, edit or delete them easily.

Build a Website - Add Widgets to Sidebar in WordPress

Your site is almost completed now, but wait, you may wish to change the title of website. Go to Settings > General, here you will see Site Title, Tagline and others you may want to change.

Build a Website - Change Title in WordPress

Add new features to your website with useful plugins

First, what is plugin? Plugins are simply extensions made to expand functionalities of WordPress. They help you add more features that are not ready, to your website easily.

Plugins are created by very big WordPress community, you can almost find a plugin that will help you do something, from simple things like adding forms to very complex ones such as building an online shop.

To install plugins, go to Plugins > Add New. Now you can search a plugin which is useful for you to build a website, there are thousands of free plugins for you to choose here.

Build a Website - Install Plugins in WordPress

Congratulations! If you see this line and have completed all steps in this guide, basically your website is ready to launch!

We hope this tutorial will help you build a website of your dream and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and anyone who also need to build a website. Thank you!

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