How to Import Demo Content in WordPress

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Import Demo Content in WordPress

In this tutorial, we will show you how to import demo content in WordPress, using a free plugin. Actually, importing demo content is the fastest way to help you easily build the website in minutes. Besides, it also helps you learn more quickly how to use the theme you have just installed before. Demo content is useful really!

Import Demo Content in WordPress with just One-Click?

In fact, there are some most advanced WP themes that allow you to import demo content in WordPress with just a Single Click of mouse, it is usually called One-Click Demo Import, no plugin required, and Dior – a powerful Multi-Concept Responsive WP theme is one of these best modern WordPress themes. Yes, with Dior, building a new website is too easy for anyone, no coding skills required.

Okay, to import demo content in wordpress using a free importer plugin, please do the following steps below:

  1. First of all, login to your WordPress admin panel, click on Tools > Import. Here you should see many platforms listed, including Blogger, Blogroll, Tumblr, WordPress, RSS, LiveJournal etc…

    Import Demo Content in WordPress - Step 1

  2. Choose WordPress, immediately a pop-up window is opened, click Install Now button at the bottom right.

    Import Demo Content in WordPress - Step 2

  3. Wait for installation completed. After that, choose the link Activate Plugin & Run Importer.

    Import Demo Content in WordPress - Step 3

  4. Click on Choose File button, then choose the XML file of demo content at your computer to upload. Please note that you can upload the file in XML format only. Then click on Upload file and import button.

    Import Demo Content in WordPress - Step 4

  5. Wait a moment, the next page should appear. Select an existing user to assign posts to or create a new user with a username. Do not forget to check the Download and import file attachments box if you wish to import media files such as images of posts. Finally click the Submit button to start importing demo content. Once import process completed, a confirmation message should appear to let you know.

    Import Demo Content in WordPress - Step 5

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